Learn more about renting a hot tub!


Why Rent a Hot Tub

When you walk into a backyard pool party and see a hot tub on the deck, you know things might be more fun than usual.  When you spend a week visiting extended family and they have a spa, the vacation might be more relaxing than you thought.  And when a snowy Friday commute adds stress to an already taxing week, a bubbling hot tub calls you home to melt the tension away.

LI Hot Tub Rentals makes each of these scenarios possible for you; and possible without the responsibilities of maintenance or investing thousands in a purchase


Rental Packages

Photo Credit:  ms.akr

Photo Credit: ms.akr

You rent a hot tub to have it when you want it-not when you don't!  Our rental packages are flexible to suit your needs.

Weekend Rental:  (Thursday-Sunday) $350

Full Week Rental: (Thursday-Wednesday) $425

Monthly Rental:  Call for Details

All rentals include:  Delivery, set-up, chemicals for the duration of the rental, instructions for use, and pick-up.


How it Works

1.  Call us to schedule the delivery of your 6 person spa.

2.  Your spa is delivered and set up by the owner of the company.

3. You sign our rental agreement, receive instructions on operating your hot tub, and are provided with all of the supplies needed for the duration of your rental.   

4.  We're almost done!  As the start of your rental period approaches, you spa heats to the perfect temperature.  We always deliver your spa with plenty of time to heat so you won't miss a minute of relaxation.  

5.  Your spa is picked up at the end of the rental period.