How big are your hot tubs?

Our tubs hold 5-6 adults comfortably and have a 300 gallon capacity. You can opt to bring more people into the fun with our optional cedar surround. Our tubs are sturdy Softub brand T-300 hot tubs-an industry leader in quality and durability for over 25 years. No inflatable tubs here! You will love the look and feel of what we provide for such a reasonable cost!

What do I need to provide?

We need access to a standard 110v outlet and cold water. That's it!  

What about chemicals?

We provide everything you will need and give instructions on how to keep your water sparkling clean for your entire rental period.

How long will it take the tub to heat up?

We will deliver your hot tub 1 full day before your rental period begins to allow time for heating. In many cases our customers ask us to connect to their home's hot water and fill the tub, allowing the good times to start right away.

How do you clean and maintain your tubs between rentals.

This is our utmost priority.  We run a sanitizing solution through our hot tubs after every rental, after which fresh water is circulated through the entire system. Additionally, all exterior surfaces are hand-cleaned with disinfectant soap and then rinsed thoroughly.  

What do you do with the water when you pick up the tub.  

We use a pump to remove all of the water and can remove it to a location of your choice-usually the driveway, street,  drain, or woods. Just let us know what is best!

What is your delivery area?

We serve Manhattan to Montauk! We have even served long term customers in the greater tri-state area.