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A hot tub adds fun, luxury, and excitement to any event.  Whether it's a backyard bar-b-que, week-long vacation home rental, romantic weekend, or other event, a hot tub rental from Long Island Hot Tub Rentals will impress your guests while leaving you refreshed and relaxed.  Best of all, renting a hot tub accomplishes all of this for a fraction of the cost of a purchase.  Plus, there are virtually no maintenance nor need to worry about mechanical issues.   

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Once you decide to add a hot tub for your special event, give us a call.  We deliver a spotlessly clean Softub brand 6 person spa.  We will place the spa, fill it, establish the proper water chemistry, set the temperature digitally, and answer all of your questions.  That's all there is to it.  We always deliver the hot tub a day before you need it so that the water will be the perfect temperature when you begin use.  Just sit back and enjoy!

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A variety of rental packages allow you to maximize your enjoyment.  Choose the one that works best for you.  Your hot tub will be delivered one day early to ensure perfect water temperature for your entire rental period.  We don't want you to miss a minute of rest and relaxation.

Weekend Rental:  Less than $70/day

Weekly Rental:  Less than $35/day

Monthly Rental:  Less than $20/day


Ask about adding a beautifully handcrafted cedar deck and step to your hot tub rental!






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Your hot  tub will be delivered to your home and set up on site.  Decks and patios are perfect locations.  We will need access to standard electrical outlet within 15 feet of the tub's location.  Access to a hose is also required.  With your permission, we can also fill your tub with hot water from kitchen or bathroom faucet.  Ask about how we can get you hot tubbing almost instantly.  Customers are required to be present during drop off.


Pick up is a snap.  We drain and remove the tub from your property.  We won't leave a trace.  You need not be home for pick up as long as access to the tub is provided.


Delivery is free on Long Island between Route 110 to the west and the William Floyd Parkway to the East.  Beyond theses lines, a $2/mile delivery charge will be assessed to the delivery trip only.  For example, a delivery 5 miles east of the William Floyd Parkway will be assessed an additional $10 total charge.




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